10 Reasons You Should Munch on Popcorn

1) Helps With Weight Loss

No movie night is complete without a bowl of popcorns, but if you are making them the right way, you can avoid the extra calories. Popcorns are low on calories only if you cook them in a healthy way. Preparing your popcorns in fattening oil and adding too much fatty ingredients will only make them unhealthy.tips to reduce weight

But preparing them in olive oil with a dash of salt will make about 90 calories, and hence lean to the lower side. So next time your friends are over for a movie night, you can munch on popcorns without feeling guilty about those extra calories. And if you are on a special low-calorie diet, you might want to add popcorns as snacks in your routine.

2) Highly Fibrous

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Popcorns are packed with dietary fiber. This is great for our cardiovascular health, digestion, and keeping our colon healthy. Its high fiber content keeps your digestion on track and the immune system rock solid. If you are eating four cups of popcorn (made in a healthy way), you will get approximately 4 grams of dietary fiber. So eating more popcorn will make up for your daily fiber intake which is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Fiber is essential for keeping our heart healthy and in preventing many heart problems. It also helps reduces blood cholesterol and keeps you safe from type 2 diabetes. So, the next time you are preparing popcorns, increase the quantity to enjoy a fiber boost in your system.