20 DIY Projects You Have Never Even Heard About

1) Hanging Garden Basket

All you will need is some seedlings, a little bit of moss and a wire basket in order to create a lovely hanging basket, complete with edibles.

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You can mix it up a little bit by planting some strawberries, tomatoes, herbs and lettuce as well.

2) Cassette Tape Wallet

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Want to create something retro? A cassette tape wallet is just the thing you need. You can easily pick out a cassette tape and transform it into a wallet that will make your friends insanely jealous.

3) Fairy Garden

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Looking for a project to do with your kids? A fairy garden will provide you with the perfect project. Just pick out an old bucket, a bowl or drawer and fill it with some earth and plants.

Add some miniature fairies and figures, and you have your very own mini fairy garden.