15 Celebrity Wedding Dresses To Remember

Wedding dresses
Prince William and Kate Middleton

Pipa Middleton just got engaged, reminding us of the time she held her sister Kate’s wedding train to become an instant celebrity. Predictions of what style will Pipa wear on her own wedding are taking over bridal blogs.

We gathered a few styles from prominent celebrity brides hoping to inspire the young Middlteon to chose the right fit.

1. Kate Middleton

Wedding dresses
Kate Middleton and sister Pipa Middleton

The creative designer of Great Britain´s Alexander McQueen fashion house, Sarah Burton, was personally chosen by Kate Middleton to design her wedding gown.

Inspired in the same style that made Princess Grace of Monaco an overnight fashion icon on her own wedding, Middleton´s dress was a modern spin of a romantic lace and silk A line with a gorgeous v neckline.