7 Celebrity Diet Tips To Try

Wanting to kick your diet into gear this spring to get fit, but don’t even know where to start? Consider these celebrity diet tips to try this spring! And, luckily for you, none of them involve cabbage soup or starving yourself in any way. More importantly than just becoming thin, these diet tips will help you get healthy and stay healthy.

1. Go Vegan Like Beyonce

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Eating a vegan diet means you do not consume any animal-derived products (including meat, dairy, and even honey) and one celebrity who made going vegan totally trendy is Beyonce herself. She followed the 22 Days Challenge. The challenge is a step-by-step program that features 100 percent vegan recipes and a meal plan to follow.

The challenge costs $119.99 to start, but you can also ease into a vegan lifestyle by simply committing to eating only plant-based foods once a week.

2. Start Your Day With Lemon Juice Like Jennifer Aniston

new diet trendsAn incredibly popular practice among celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad, Glamour shared, “People who drink lemon water in the morning report that they experience a big mental boost and have increased energy! … Citric acid—what’s in lemon juice—helps the body’s enzymes function, which in turn can stimulate your liver and help it detox.” Does dieting even get any easier?