5 Things Happier People Do Differently


We all want to be happier. Happiness is an art and some people master it. Granted genes have a big impact on our mood and personality, but so do culture and upbringing. Everything you learn can be unlearned and mastered. Can we learn attitudes and beliefs that will slide us past sadness and into a much more positive state of mind? Absolutely.

Here are some things that happier have in common.

1. No Envy


Envy is the killer of all goodness. You can be successful, marry a top model and win the lottery, but if you are always looking over your shoulder in dissatisfaction wanting what others have, any blessing will be worthless. What is worse, dissatisfaction and envy lead to anger and ill thought.

Happier people are satisfied with their lives because they appreciate what they have and take action and change what does not suit them rather than waste time criticizing others.