13 Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Heart attack

Hear problems are potentially life threatening and yet so many symptoms are dangerously silent. Not lo alarm you, but yet again, we should since prevention is key to hear related deaths.

If you are suffering from these symptoms and specially if you are suffering from some of these symptoms together, we urge you to get checked by a cardiologist.

1. Chest Pressure Or Burn

A blocked artery and chest pains from a heart attack feel like pressure or a painful burn. Both symptoms can be confused with gas and should be carefully monitored if the pain increases.

2. Nausea, Indigestion Symptoms Including Stomach Pain

Unless you are pregnant, nausea should always be considered a warning sign. Gastritis and indigestion are most likely to be the cause but it is also a sign of infection or an imminent heart attack.