Love The Loss: 6 Fun Ways To Burn Calories

You don't need to be a Michael Phelps to burn calories while swimming

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All of us aspire to be fit, but not all of us enjoy the fitness culture. The gyms full of gorgeous people, the lack of time, the lack of fun.

Not all is lost. We came up with six ways that you can burn calories while having a blast. You won’t even realize that you are actually working out your body. Sweat on!

  1. Biking

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Never underestimate the power of biking. It is so much fun and such a peaceful experience that it does not seem like work. But it is. According to Fitness Magazine’s calorie calculator you can burn up to 500 calories for every 45 minutes of biking at normal speed.

So get your favorite playlist ready, hop on your bike, and ride on!

2. Sex

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Sex is lots of fun and can burn lots of calories. According to Woman’s Day Magazine half an hour of action burns an average of 200 calories. Massaging, kissing, making out and giving oral sex are also good calorie burners.

Let’s get it ON!