7 Mantras For Online Dating


You thought it would last forever. At least this time around you did so. You worked on yourself, you invested your time and committed to make it work. And here you are again, single and wondering if you will ever find someone to love you for who you are. You will.

There a multiple people out there that would love to love you, baby. Online dating is a wonderful option to start scouting the field. You don’t have to commit to anyone. You browse, you chat, you like? You date. You don’t? You move on to the next profile. You don’t even have to get dressed just yet.

Here are some tips for online dating beginners like yourself. Good luck!

1. Describe Your True, Positive Self


When you are creating your online profile make sure you are honest about who you are and what you are looking for. Avoid negative non-negotiable jargon. First impressions are everything. Don’t be ironic and don’t be too honest. Some of us confuse being true to ourselves with voicing every thought. A profile should be a snapshot of your essence. If they like that snapshot they will want to get to know everything about you, including what you dislike.