5 Things You Need To Know About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go


It seems like only a few days ago Pokémon was an old cartoon series. Today, your social media feed is full of Pokémon Go comments, memes, and player inside jokes you do not understand. What happened? What exactly is this Pokémon Go?

We launched an investigation and tried the game out. Here are the 7 main things you need to know about it.

1. It Is An APP Game

Pokemon Go

We quickly figured the main thing out. Pokémon Go is a game you play on your phone. You must download the app to play it. Once downloaded, you basically go on a hunt to look for hidden pokémons. For that you must move, go places. The more pokémons you collect the more points and new exiting doors open on the game for you.

You can battle, you can share, you can basically interact with other players and grow your friend base as you grow on the game.