This Is What Real Love Looks Like

Real love

Love. What a natural and unforced sensation when we surround ourselves with family and friends. However when it comes to partners, real love is hard to find. Not to mention the negative stats that cloud over marriage. More than 80% end in divorce these days.

Just because real love is difficult to find, it does not mean it is impossible. We researched more than fifty expert sources and came up with a small list that pretty much defines what real love looks like.

1. Your Sex Life Is Satisfying For BOTH Of You

Real love

We were surprised to find that most relationship experts credit money and sex to be two of the three main pillars for real love, friendship being the third.
If one of the partners is not satisfied sexually, it is likely that after a few years of patience they will turn into infidelity. Some people in comfortable relationships discredit sex and put all the focus of their relationship success on children, family, affection and friendship, but in reality, an unsatisfied partner can hold on to those values to stay, not necessarily to stay faithful, which turns real love into “must” love.