11 Steps To Cope With Tragedy


Tragedy just struck France again. A crowd of hundred were celebrating the country’s National Day of La Bastille on July 14th, a driver drove a truck through 2 to 3 miles of crowds, running over hundreds of people that resulted in 80 dead and more than 20 critically injured.

Dallas, Orlando, Saint Bernardino, Paris and now Nice, the possibility of another terrorist attack happening anytime, anywhere seems more like a normality that we need to get familiar with, than an actual tragedy. God forbid you find yourself in a tragic situation, here are eleven steps that will keep you safer and hopefully heal you sooner.

1. Get Yourself Out Of Danger

Women escaping the Kenya mall that was attacked by rebels a few years ago.

Follow all directions from law enforcement officials. Barricade yourself behind a locked door rather than trying to run away, or run away if they assure you that additional attacks are expected to happen in the area. You will eventually be rescued, even in a hostage situation.