The “It” Eyebrow

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The brow. It is happening RIGHT NOW. After a decade of plucking and waxing, we are actually paying to fill them up at salons for a lot of $$$

The new trend, imposed by “it” models like Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid is to let your brows grow loose, then pluck a little to give them shape. The key to success is that the new brows must look natural yet raw.

Let’s take a ride through brow history and explore what was hip when. Ready?

1990 Brow: Thin and Subtle

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The tweezers were always in your bag during the 90’s, in case one hair dared to show up announced and ruin your perfectly thin and trimmed brows.

Many celebrities dyed their brows a lighter color to make them seem thinner.