Top 8 Amazing Medical Breakthroughs Made by Teenagers

1) Angela Zhang

One of the most amazing medical breakthroughs ever made by a teenager has got to go down to Angela Zhang, who was researching on bio-engineering in her freshman year at high school in Cupertino, California. Her passion was reading the research papers, and in her sophomore year she was granted permission to the lab in Stanford.

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Her ambition was to start her own research in order to attempt to cure cancer, and in her senior year she had written her own research paper on the theory of curing cancer for good. She presented the idea that polymer should be mixed with cancer medicine, with non-particles attached to the polymer. They will then be injected into the body, and become attached to cancer cells, and when the patient went under MRI, the doctors would be able to see the tumors in the body. Zhang’s research worked and she won a $100,000 scholarship in 2011 when she entered the National Siemens Math, Science, and Technology Competition.

2) Eric Chen

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The Flu is a virus that not many people consider to be a deadly disease, but in reality if it is left unchecked it could actually kill you given enough time. The virus intrigued Eric Chen, when he was only 13 years old, back in 2009, where there were widespread reports about the H1N1 strain of the flu virus in the news. Chen decided to make a computer program that will allow him to study the flu, so that he could make a difference.

He wanted to find out certain inhibitors in the virus, which makes it contagious to other people, in the hopes that once identified he could kill the inhibitors and effectively eliminate the flu. Chen managed to cut down from a million inhibitors to only 6, and hoped that new anti-viral would be made based on his research in order to treat, cure, and prevent flue outbreaks. His findings won him the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology as well as the Google Science Fair.